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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Moomin Mamma, Michaelangelo, Invictus, Alec Guinness

Happy Mother's Day. One and all. Be you a mother or not in the literal sense. I am sure you are a mother in some sense - not least to all our wonderful animals.

I have been following the wonderful, inspiring Tania Kindersley's blog for a good few years. The writing is evocative, powerful, funny, touching, hate to use a publishing cliche but she has a unique voice.

Astonishing photos. Glorious, courageous honesty. I mention this here as Tania wrote something this week which went bammmm in my head - something I have felt to be an absolute truth since the age of about 14. That life can be understood, deconstructed and better savoured, simplified by reading A Room With A View.

It is and will always be my favourite film.

A second thought came to mind today, I was asked to engage in a mind melt thing about children's literature.

I thought of the Moomins. On Mother's Day I give you Moomin Mamma :

'You have to go on a long journey before you can find out how wonderful home is.'

Today is Michaelangelo's birthday. Born in 1475 at Caprese. I'm including a link to The Ashmoleum. One can call up and arrange an appointment to see the collection.

You know when words bash around your head, familiar, sometimes in slivers, portions. I have been thinking about the poem Invictus, the poet William Ernest Henley an inspiration to me when I was younger.

Right. Food. There will be banquets and banquets for Mother's Day. Tomato sandwiches and salads. Cakes and clafoutis.

My super, mamma food - white asparagus or any asparagus and oysters with frisky shallot vinegar. Not by the six or twelve but by the trentaine.

Happy day.

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