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Monday, 8 August 2016

In Which I Cheer Up, Great Ormond Street and Maldon Sea Salt

Dr Charles West and Maldon Sea Salt.

I have developed a bit of a thing for Maldon Sea Salt - more than usual. I posted a recipe on Facebook with peaches and ricotta so won't repeat here. A family run business since 1882, a salt dynasty. Love it. I look around pretty much every day for something yum to eat.

I've been playing on Facebook a bit - yes I know I am about twenty years behind everyone else. It has lots of wonder as does Twitter and the very thing that got my nose out of a book and inches from a screen - the old blog.

I was given a masterclass in blogging by a fellow school run mum and have never looked back - that's you Potty Mummy I faffed about a bit, moved house, wrote lots, discovered Twitter. Here I am. Still can't work Instagram.

Dr. Charles West who founded Great Ormond Street Hospital  was born two hundred years ago today. Here he is and here it is on the original site of 49 Great Ormond Street.

I thought I might cheer the blog up a bit, talk a bit more. I've been fed up and I'm not fed up anymore. I'm writing, running and living. Had my hair done, highlights. Not chavvy ones, caramel.

I've thought about shopping. Look from Charlotte Tilbury to go with the French tan :

I'm doing Strala yoga, outside when I can, bought some oysters for hardly anything and am going to bring back a bit of Ottolenghi - voila !