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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Getting lost - literally and metaphorically

Whether it's the midlife crisis kicking in, lovely open conversations with people who share anecdotal notions of how to come through hardship, feeling at though the worst is possibly over, wishing such pointless, self indulgent dross hadn't happened in the first place...

I feel slightly edified. We get damaged, we get sad, we cry a lot, we pray - if one is inclined. We read and talk and hope. 

Is it part of the human condition to believe in the essential goodness of life ? People ? 

Yes it is in my case despite at the moment heavy duty reason not to.

I am researching Mr Fortnum and  Mr Mason. My mum has always said I could get lost in Fortnum's - I don't have a very good sense of direction....

I love the idea of enterprise, endeavour, the human spirit fighting for goodness. 

I can't get though an hour let alone a day without Charles Dickens.

Here's what he wrote about Fortnum and Mason :

"Look where I will - I see Fortnum and Mason. All the hampers fly wide open and the Green Downs burst into a blossom of lobster salad."

We are here to be kind - let's try to be kind. If for some reason there are issues ( from where I am standing insecurity, jealous and anger are the big ones ) get some therapy.

I am going to eat this.

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