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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Although It Does My Head In and Makes Me Panic about What Children See - Why I Love The Internet - Today

I am forever saying - parental control, Bond is violent, I don't understand what wi-fi is nor do I really care, pick up a pencil and draw, stare at snowdrops - today however I like the Internet.

I read a wonderful blog post about Hans Sloane - I spend a lot of very blissful time at The Physic Garden and I loved the article.

I looked up an obscure God I needed for work. I found out how old Marcus Mumford is - this is oddly important to me.

I fiddled tentatively on instagram and lost a looooong time looking at manger - the blog on my list to the left.

Rousseau - here I paraphrase in extremes - when asked what was the greatest scientific advance of his time and why  ( lots of people were asked by the Academie, not just him ) said 'none, man is born free and everywhere we are in chains.'

I usually agree with him however today I don't  - a little bit.

I'm am bit twitter before heading out to friends to stay for the evening and take the dog on the beach.

Look at this :

I love love love The British Library and it's fascinating blog - I too have always loved Edward Lear and consider him, like A A Milne and D H Lawrence -  to be one of our overlooked geniuses. This gives me great joy.

I am just starting work on a new manuscript - have a working title I quite like. This made me laugh :

Off to supper ce soir and thought I might make these.

Right, back to Twitter.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Archers, Sociopaths, Spaghetti alle Vongole and a Place Mat

Narcissus. I love the Classics, always have and always will and one day when my life gets normal again I am due to undertake some postgraduate study. Latin, Greek, Classics. 

I have not only read but enjoyed Thucydides. Narcissus. There is a sociopath in The Archers called Rob. I am 'in the trenches' trying to get away from a sociopath.

A very dear friend of mine  - married to a sociopath - came up with the brilliant idea of an iPhone app - these people are good, plausible, charming, always one step ahead and utterly without remorse.

If one could scan for the sociopath kink in the DNA so so much pain would be spared. I imagine they could all be herded together in a sociopath compound and be odd together.

Sadly the sociopath tends to ferret out the empath. We don't stand a chance. The key determinator  - no empathy. 

I don't want to harp on about it here but I will be as my freedom emerges and I repair. All I would say - be careful. You don't know they are out there until they decimate your life - and they are not sort of clever / charming / gifted like Sherlock Holmes - they are evil.

I was having supper at a friends house. It was lovely. Me and just boys - big ones but nevertheless. They could not have been more kind or gracious. They fed me and made me laugh, they were gentle and gracious. I have been brutalised but they understood on a very kind level and made me feel safe and happy. 

I started - here I start to look to my faith which has always been with me but I come to lean on now when I really need it ( apologies greater, divine power - to err is to be human and all that.. ). I sat quietly saying - a bit  "Eat, Pray, Read' or whatever that book is - show me a sign that there is someone, something on my side, someone looking after me. 

I looked down at the place mat. A picture of a hunting scene. My dad's name on it. The hunt referred to was the very Hunt my new boy - who is not a sociopath - was out with just a week or so ago. 

Message received with great thanks. Good will out. 

I need a bit of him :

Food heals and tonight when I need to heal I will have a unique recipe made just for me - I can't really share as it's sort of private but suffice to say spaghetti alle vongole will get me through. Made with love. 

We will all have our battles - I would advise anyone going through shit - have faith, have faith in love, give thanks for those who support you in your darkest hour and know that 'right will be done.'

My spaghetti tonight is made with love. Made to give me strength and to help me heal.