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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Although It Does My Head In and Makes Me Panic about What Children See - Why I Love The Internet - Today

I am forever saying - parental control, Bond is violent, I don't understand what wi-fi is nor do I really care, pick up a pencil and draw, stare at snowdrops - today however I like the Internet.

I read a wonderful blog post about Hans Sloane - I spend a lot of very blissful time at The Physic Garden and I loved the article.

I looked up an obscure God I needed for work. I found out how old Marcus Mumford is - this is oddly important to me.

I fiddled tentatively on instagram and lost a looooong time looking at manger - the blog on my list to the left.

Rousseau - here I paraphrase in extremes - when asked what was the greatest scientific advance of his time and why  ( lots of people were asked by the Academie, not just him ) said 'none, man is born free and everywhere we are in chains.'

I usually agree with him however today I don't  - a little bit.

I'm am bit twitter before heading out to friends to stay for the evening and take the dog on the beach.

Look at this :

I love love love The British Library and it's fascinating blog - I too have always loved Edward Lear and consider him, like A A Milne and D H Lawrence -  to be one of our overlooked geniuses. This gives me great joy.

I am just starting work on a new manuscript - have a working title I quite like. This made me laugh :

Off to supper ce soir and thought I might make these.

Right, back to Twitter.

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