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Sunday, 22 February 2015

To Dream.....

I was telling the some friends at copious length about the day I discovered my dream - I was in the office of a man named Jim Douglas Henry - a friend of my parents. Not far from Foyles. The office that is. He had one of those brushed cotton checked shirts and faded cords - I'm so so on the cords but I have a thing for the checked shirts to this day.

All around were piles and piles of books - book books, pages of yet to be bound books, papers piled high in what I am sure to him was order.

Names of books to be scribbled on paper and taped to the wall. Ideas for plays. Quotes from Shakespeare, Wilde, Proust.

The smell of cigars. The unique smell of fountain pen ink.

That was it. I was a bookish child and from that moment on I decided all I ever wanted to do was read and write books.

There is a quote which I will hack a bit about, if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life.

I also really really love growing things. I bought this in a hurry food shopping - I love horseradish. On closer inspection I wonder if someone at Waitrose marketing department is having a really really good laugh ?

Today is the 22nd of February. 22.2.  Look at this : the feast day of a holy chair, rather lovely.

I think I will eat this : from Jamie. I have been several times to Jamie's restaurant in Cambridge, it is quite excellent, great service, great food and a beautiful building. If you happen to go to Cambridge I can't recommend The Sedgwick Museum highly enough, it's magical. They have a new T Rex, called Clare.

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