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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Moving, the seaside, J Brand jeans, Jack Wills

There is something very very wonderful about moving. I am moving shortly. I love packing boxes - I am a non hoarder - every bit of baby kit went to one or more than one round robin new homes - even the little Bonpoint cashmere hat and boots I had for my baby.

I am clearing out, clearing up, thinking of what to come, to replace, to revitalise.

There have been moves and moves and yes possiblys and other countries maybe but this is the one I just know.

Already there are great friends in situ - by complete coincidence and lovely new friends I have only just made but I know I will treasure.

Illness in the family keeps me in Blighty for a bit but I don't mind one little bit  - we have the seaside, great food, green fields.

I am in clothes mode as well as book and food mode. My boy is full on Jack Wills  - adult  - and I make no apology I love it.

Look :

Not him, the sweater. My sisters and lots of friends are super duper on Facebook. I am not but I get the emails and post comments. I love Instagram.

For example  :

I have obviously never grown out of school uniform - the occasional evening or weekend when I put on a dress and very heely heels and frankly love it but day to day it's J Brand or Made in Heaven jeans, breton t shirts, Superdry t shirts or my faithful layering - Jack Wills and Hollister. Converse or Supergas.

I've been wearing these for a good few years now and they are, to my mind, faultless :

They look much better being 'worn' just look up cool bloggers and you'll see - the white ones are terrific if tanned and brave.

As ever I rely on my adored Nuxe to keep my skin happy - now with a website 20% sale.

Reading all sorts of things in slightly irritating instalments as reading has to fit around packing : as ever I love Tim Harford, Harry Mount's Amo Amas Amat and in small slithers to be enjoyed with absolute concentration, Richard Holmes' The Age of Wonder. 

I have read Melanie Reid's column since she first had her accident - I listened to a wonderful interview with her this am on Radio 4 - if you can catch it on catch up do - it was quite spellbinding. Like most of us she only had a wobble when talking about her son.  

Food: odd really, latest crush which I have to have every morning ( lycopene, a good thing ) plum tomatoes, hot, natural yoghurt and lots and lots of jalapeños. Love it. 

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  1. Good luck with all the "joys" of moving! Hang in there!